Frequently Asked Questions

Production times change depending on our manufacturing schedule but is typically 8-10 weeks from date of your order, plus transit time.​ However, lead-times can be shorter or longer depending on the time of year and our production schedule.
10 years
$2.25 a square foot of wall space plus $700. That includes material and labor to reseal your home. Example: If there were 900 sq ft of wall that needed to be resealed, the cost to you would be $2,725. **Pricing good through 01/01/2024**   The cost will increase if recoat is performed prior to the weathering of the actual concrete
The frequency of resealing will be based on a number of factors ie, exposure to sun, elevation, wind and abrasive dirt.
Product will arrive on pallets covered with white shrink wrap. We recommend storing pallets in a dry, flat area and out of direct sunlight. If a shaded area is not available, we recommend covering the plastic wrapped pallets with a tarp. It is recommended that you open by cutting a slit in the side so that product can be re-covered. Be sure to keep product dry prior to installation.
ClearCreek's Concrete Log and Timber Siding is designed to last for the life of your building. It is made up of a solid insulation core, covered with two layers of Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete making it very impact resistant. It is then coated with a high quality Concrete Sealer to protect it from the elements. The siding is resistant to fading, water, and animal or insect attacks.
If the reseal is performed at the proper time prior to the siding wearing all the way to bare concrete, only the clear sealer is required. If the concrete has been worn, it will be necessary to coat the siding with both solid paint and a clear coat. If this occurs, the cost would be higher.
Log Style
  • Log Siding (without simulated chinking)
  • 8.25" tall (exposed height) x 2.75" thick x 12' long
Timber Style 
  • Timber Siding (with simulated chinking)
  •  11.25" tall (exposed height) x 2.75" thick x 12' long
  • Timber Siding (without simulated chinking)
  • 11.25" tall (exposed height) x 2.75" thick x 12' long
ClearCreek's Concrete Log and Timber Siding provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The warranty is a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser. This warranty is transferable to subsequent owners and becomes a 50-Year Prorated warranty. Hail damage is covered but Acts of God, such as fires and tornadoes, are not.
Resealing may need to be done more often due to the higher elevation and the same factors as above.