Frequently Asked Questions

For New Construction, please send us your plans showing elevations and a floor plan, with wall lengths and heights. For Remodels, please provide photos or drawings of each elevation, along with wall heights and lengths, as well as a drawing of your floor plan. Also, there are a number of discounts and other incentive programs that could reduce your project cost. Please contact one of ClearCreek's friendly representatives for details.​
ClearCreek's Concrete Log and Timber Siding is designed to be a complete wall system.   
We will provide, as needed, the following materials:
  • Siding
  • Window/Door trim
  • Inside/Outside Corner
  • Termination Trim
  • Fasteners
  • Adhesive/Silicone
  • Accessory Blocks
  • Custom parts are also available
New 4 Years
Reseal 4 Years
The cost of the material is dependent upon the project size, number of windows, corners, etc. Timber Style with Gray chinking will be .50 cents more per square foot of total wall space. Please visit our Pricing Page or contact ClearCreek's representatives for details.
Material would cost $89.00 per gallon plus freight. A gallon typically covers 150-250 SF.
Our siding is very low maintenance. It may need a washing with a water hose occasionally. ClearCreek's siding is sealed with a high-quality UV resistant and anti-yellowing acrylic concrete sealer. While the sealer will provide many years of protection, it is natural that with exposure to sun and weather, it may need to be reapplied between 10-12 years, depending on the amount of exposure. The concrete sealer applied at the time of production is warranted for the first 10 years. For projects that are at elevations above 5,000 feet, the sealer may need to be applied sooner. Please speak to your ClearCreek representative regarding the sealer type.
Our Siding and Trim is manufactured using a Solid Insulation Core, which is covered with Fiberglass Mesh and coated with Two layers of  Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete.
Our Siding and Trim is available in Five Beautiful Wood colors:
  • Western Lodge (Dark Brown)
  • Homestead (Warm Brown)
  • Chesapeake (Golden Brown)
  • Lincoln (Red Brown)
  • Weathered Gray (Barnwood)
To provide continuous exterior insulation, the system includes window and door trim, as well as inside and outside corners, termination trim, and custom trim.  All siding and trim is made of the same material and has an R-8 Insulation Value.
The siding fits together with a tongue and groove horizontal joint that locks out moisture and provides a secure, simple installation process
You can apply the sealer yourself or hire a contractor, however, we strongly recommend utilizing the trained employees of ClearCreek Siding.
Unfortunately, we cannot warranty work performed by a 3rd party.
As with our new siding, there will be a natural variation in color and hue.

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